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Family Medicine Specialist

Leahy Family Care & Wellness Center

Wellness Center & Family Medicine located in Lima, OH

Leahy Family Care & Wellness Center is a one-stop shop for family medical care. Patients in Lima, Ohio and the surrounding Allen County area can visit Dr. William Leahy for a variety of family medicine and wellness needs. Dr. Leahy provides a comprehensive list of family medicine services for patients of all ages, including annual exams, immunizations, pain management, medical weight loss, and more.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is included in family medicine?

Family medicine is a specialty focusing on long-term care and building relationships with patients of all ages and their families. Family medicine practitioners are considered specialists, whose services integrate biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences to provide comprehensive health care. Some of those services can include:

  • Annual wellness checks for children, teens, adults, and seniors
  • Acute care for illnesses and injuries
  • Immunizations
  • Chronic pain management
  • Medically supervised weight loss plans

Even though there may be similarities between family medicine and the other primary care specialties, a family physician can have a greater impact on the health of his patients for their entire lifespan.

Why are immunizations important?

Vaccinations and immunizations are performed early in the developmental years to protect against diseases for which there are often no other medical treatments. Without immunizations, getting such diseases could lead to serious complications and even death. There are also vaccines that are needed before traveling to certain countries to protect against diseases that are localized in some areas of the world.

Immunizations allow the body’s immune system to be better prepared to fight off a disease. As part of his family medical practice, Dr. Leahy offers immunizations to all of his patients. If you’re concerned about whether you or your children are fully immunized, call Dr. Leahy's office and schedule an appointment.

What are the benefits of annual physicals?

An annual physical helps monitor the general status of a patient’s health. It's highly recommended that a physical examination is performed at least once a year, especially in those who are over the age of 50. Annual physicals are used to:

  • Check for signs of diseases to treat them as early as possible
  • Identify any medical concerns that may cause an issue in the future
  • Update necessary immunizations
  • Allow patients to ask any questions they may have
  • Check cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels
  • Schedule further screenings based on age/gender

Dr. Leahy uses the information gathered during annual physicals to discuss and recommend options which can help lower your risk of contracting certain diseases and maintain overall health and wellness.