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Personal training is an effective way to help strengthen the muscles and maintain a healthy body weight. At Leahy Family Care & Wellness Center, Dr. William Leahy and his team work closely with patients to provide a complete personal training program to meet their specific needs. Patients in Lima, Ohio and the surrounding areas interested in the benefits of personal training programs are invited to call the office today to book an appointment or simply learn more.

Personal Training Q & A

What does a personal trainer do?

A personal trainer is a specialist in the development and application of exercise programming. They assess physical needs and limitations to design a training program which will increase strength, improve flexibility, and encourage weight loss efforts for an overall healthy body.

The personal trainer is there to instruct clients on the performance of exercise techniques in the safest and most effective manner. A personal trainer can also be a motivator by encouraging the best effort during each training session. Dr. Leahy offers his patients the opportunity to work with a personal trainer to reach their overall body transformation and health goals.

What are the benefits of using a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is educated and skilled in the fundamentals of fitness routines and programming. Working with a personal trainer offers several different benefits that usually can’t be obtained with exercise alone. A personal trainer can:

  • Create customized workout plans to meet the individual needs of each client
  • Monitor exercise performance to ensure safety and efficiency
  • Provide a sense of accountability
  • Alter the workout plan to help you avoid plateauing
  • Help motivate you towards reaching your goals

Personal trainers can tailor each program to focus on strength and flexibility improvements, medically supervised weight loss, or exercises to enhance recovery. Working with a personal trainer gives you the benefits of specific exercise programs pre-programmed for you, and it offers the advantage of having someone around to motivate and encourage you to reach your goals.

What type of personal training is offered at Leahy Family Care & Wellness Center?

The personal trainer will work alongside Dr. Leahy to create programs that allow each patient to reach his or her specific goals within a realistic period. Patients will first undergo an evaluation with a trainer to measure cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and body composition. The results, coupled with the patient’s goals, will be used to develop a personalized exercise plan.

The Leahy Fitness Center is led by exercise physiologist, Dick Rieman. In addition to personal, a variety of fitness classes offered throughout the year. If you are interested in fitness, yoga, or personal training, call the office today to learn more.